CAIR’s vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims. The Council on American-Islamic Relations Pennsylvania (CAIR PA) is a nonprofit, grassroots civil rights and advocacy group. CAIR is America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, […]

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  1. CAIR Pittsburgh

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    CAIR’s vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding.
    CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations Pennsylvania (CAIR PA) is a nonprofit, grassroots civil rights and advocacy group. CAIR is America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, with regional offices nationwide and in Canada. The national headquarters is located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

    Since its establishment in 1994, CAIR has worked to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America. Through media relations, lobbying, education and advocacy, CAIR puts forth an Islamic perspective to ensure the Muslim voice is represented. In offering this perspective, CAIR seeks to empower the American Muslim community and encourage their participation in political and social activism.

  2. The Polar Opposite Project

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    The Polar Opposite Project, also known as POP, is a student-led organization that connects high schoolers (or students aged 13-18) around the world who have different beliefs, backgrounds, and identities so that they can have open-minded, respectful conversations. By participating in POP, students will get a chance to share their views, hear the perspectives of others, and learn easily outside of the classroom, making them more cooperative, empathetic, and informed about global issues. POP aims to inspire teenagers to use their voices and work with other students from around the world to solve complex, worldwide problems.

    Any teenager who wants to participate in POP just has to fill out a short form that asks questions about their viewpoints and background, and they are matched with a group of three other “polar opposite” teenagers with whom they have very little in common. They are then free to message each other and start talking about whatever sparks their interest, from their personal beliefs to current events and everything in between.

    Already, POP is becoming a global phenomenon. POP has gained almost 200 participants from five continents and several different countries in just a few weeks, and there are no signs of that growth slowing anytime soon. And expansion beyond just discussion groups is coming in the near future; speaking events, larger discussion forums, and student-led projects fostering social change in their own communities are on the horizon. Anything is possible when POP has a powerful, important cause and passionate participants.

  3. RealTime Interventions

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    RealTime Interventions creates theatrical events and public experiences that depend upon the immediate nature of real time: events that come to life when people come together. We seek to generate human connection, curiosity and wonder, and to help audiences re-see their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. RealTime creates narrative art in conversation with a broad range of collaborators, from theater artists to scientists to rock bands to social workers to our neighbors down the street. We create vibrant “companies” with every new project, peopled by individuals from diverse walks of life and realms of experience who are bound by their stake in the story we are telling together.

  4. International Free Expression Project Sun Logo

    International Free Expression Project

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    The International Free Expression Project is dedicated to building mass support around the world for free-expression rights but also seeks to attract international attention to Pittsburgh as a world-class center of creativity and innovation. The organization is forming alliances locally, nationally and internationally to:

    1) Build in Pittsburgh the world’s first iconic work of public art dedicated to free expression;
    2) Build in the blocklong pressroom of the vacant Post-Gazette building at the Point a “Marketplace of Ideas” full of food and drink and art and innovation — an explosion of expression;
    3) Invent immersive educational tools and activities that drive home the importance of free expression; and
    4) Commission artworks and other creative endeavors.

  5. myAgro

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    Credit excludes the majority of the world’s poor. At myAgro, we’ve proven smallholder farmers can finance themselves if they have the right tool to save. myAgro’s Mobile Layaway helps farmers save little by little to buy seeds, fertilizer and training using what they already have —
    their mobile phone. Our goal is to work with 1 million smallholder farmers (supporting 10 million family members) by 2025 to increase their income by $1.50 per farmer per day to move out of poverty.

    myAgro has pioneered an alternative system that matches how farmers already manage their money. Using a prepaid scratch card model — similar to buying prepaid mobile minutes -—farmers can pay in advance for fertilizer, seed and training packages by buying a myAgro card at their local village store (from 50 cents to $50), depositing their money into a layaway account by texting in the scratch-off code. After a few months of buying the scratch cards and saving little by little, myAgro delivers the fertilizer, seed, and training they’ve paid for in time for planting time.Through this bank-less savings scheme, average harvests for myAgro farmer increase from 50% – 100% over traditional farms, and net farming income increases $150-$300 per farmer.

  6. Samir Lakhani

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    Eco-Soap Bank knows how to recycle soap. That’s about it, really. But maybe also social entrepreneurship, CSR advocacy, global health, working with governments of developing countries, international shipping and logistics, post-consumer waste stream recycling, large-scale hygiene campaigns, practical international development and principles, NGO management, and boring international NGO registration stuff. Yuck!

    While families in the developing world still suffer from hygiene-related diseases, globally it’s estimated that hotels discard 5 million bars of guest soap every single day.

    Globally, it’s estimated that 2 million children die every year due to hygiene-related diseases like diarrhea. Meanwhile, hotels discard over 5 million bars of gently-used guest soap every single day.

    Enter Eco-Soap Bank — a global soap recycling organization employing disadvantaged women in 11 developing countries to collect leftover hotel soap, recycle it, and redistribute it to people in need.

    This initiative makes powerful health, economic, and environmental impacts. We’ve provided soap and hygiene education to over 1,300,000 people. We’ve created green jobs for 147 women. We’ve rescued millions of hotel soap bars from being trucked to landfills. And they’re just getting started.

  7. Open Field

    Open Field

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    Open Field (formerly CameroonFDP) is a Pittsburgh-based 501c3 nonprofit organization with international reach. Since 2010, our global team has engaged more than 3,000 youth in educational soccer programming, mentoring relationships, travel abroad experiences, and cultural exchange in Cameroon, Africa and Pittsburgh, PA. Our innovative approach to Sport for Good empowers youth to be leaders in their community and gain skills to help them succeed on and off the field. Sport for Good, also known as ‘sport for development and peace’ or ‘sport-based youth development’, is a theory and practice for youth engagement that leverages the passion and character-building attributes inherent in sport to create positive outcomes in the lives of participants far beyond the playing surface.

    Youth who participate in our programming stay in school and out of trouble.
    • 750 active youth participants in the U.S. and Africa
    • 13% increase in confidence in leadership skills*
    • 25% increase in knowledge about life skills topics
    • 40% more likely to have done service projects in their community*
    • Two past Cameroon program participants employed as Community Leaders
    • One past Cameroon program participant playing collegiate soccer in the U.S.
    *Multiple year vs. first year participants

  8. Greenheart Exchange

    Greenheart Exchange (branch of Greenheart International)

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    Since 1985, Greenheart International has been a catalyst for global transformation through the facilitation of cultural exchange programs, eco-fair trade purchasing, personal development opportunities, volunteer service initiatives, and environmental advocacy projects. Our mission of connecting people and planet to create global leaders drives all that we do in each of our branches: Greenheart Travel, Greenheart Shop, and Greenheart Exchange. Greenheart Exchange is a nonprofit organization that offers cultural exchange programs in the United States for people all around the world.

  9. Hekima Place

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    Hekima Place is a home for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kenya. Founded by a Pittsburgher, they have a board and office in both Pittsburgh and in Kenya. Both factions focus on the education and empowerment of all girls, and they are currently in the midst of construction of Hekima Hills, a primary school which will open in 2020.

  10. Pittsburgh Playback Theatre

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    Founded in 1986, Pittsburgh Playback Theatre is a community building company that explores and celebrates the human condition through improvisational storytelling. We collaborate with organizations, schools, community groups and businesses to help raise consciousness, while encouraging creative wisdom and action.

    A Playback Theatre event is described by co-creator, Jo Salas, in her book Improvising Real Life, as “an original form of theatrical improvisation in which people tell real events from their lives [and] watch them enacted on the spot…Any life experience may be told and enacted in Playback Theatre, from the mundane to the transcendent, the hilarious to the tragic–and some stories may be all of these.”

    Audience members voluntarily offer personal stories, then witness them come to life through improvised music, movement and dialogue. Playback follows no narrative agenda, but brings dramatic skills and humanity to embody on the stage the concerns and experiences of the audience. Each performance is structured uniquely in conversation with organizers to best suit the needs of the community and honor their truths.

  11. Goal 7C Training

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    Goal 7C of the Millennium Development Goals was to halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Greg and Janet Smith are high impact volunteers whose main interests are Micro Finance and WaSH related issues They have extensive experience overseas in teaching in the areas of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. They are certified by Lifewater International as field trainers in the areas of Community Development, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

    Projects worldwide.

  12. Surgicorps

    Surgicorps International

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    Surgicorps International is a non-profit organization located in Glenshaw, PA whose mission is to provide free surgical and medical services to people in need around the world. Surgicorps was founded in 1994 by Jack Demos, a plastic surgeon, and has traveled to 22 countries providing over 5,500 free surgeries. Teams are comprised of both medical and non-medical volunteers who pay 100% of their trip expenses.

    “Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”  ~Helen Keller


  13. Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education (CAFE)

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    Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization whose mission is to prevent youth delinquency and youth violence in Honduras through education and employment training.  Its goal is to provide scholarships to impoverished rural Honduran children so that they may receive education from 7th to 12th grade.  Currently, CAFE sponsors multiple students from the coffee farm areas of the mountain chain, El Merendon, Honduras, Central America. CAFE’s scholarship program has benefited dozens of children with education and has facilitated the high school graduation of these students. CAFE is supported by the sales of coffee produced in El Merendon communities and by private donations.

  14. Immigrants & Internationals Initiative

    Allegheny County Department of Human Services Immigrants and Internationals Initiative

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    The Immigrants and Internationals Initiative works to further the Allegheny County Department of Human Service’s mission of creating an accessible, culturally competent, integrated and comprehensive human services system for all residents of Allegheny County. It does this by efforts to meet the unique needs of immigrants and internationals living in Allegheny County through a combination of capacity building, research, information exchange, and community-empowerment activities.

    Our Advisory Council is the heart of the Immigrants and Internationals Initiative, actively participating with DHS in efforts to create accessible and culturally appropriate human services, and advance access for immigrants in healthcare systems, education, employment, public safety and others.  Members include immigrant community leaders, immigrant and refugee serving organizations working collaboratively.



  15. Latin American Cultural Union

    Latin American Cultural Union

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    Our Mission is to promote, preserve and enrich the Latin American culture, while unifying the Latino community and bridging with other communities within the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

    The Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit  organization dedicated to cultivating and preserving the culture and Latin American traditions in southwestern Pennsylvania.

    LACU is a PLATFORM for Latinos and members to engage in their visibility and promote the Latino cultures in the region.

    Come be part of the Latin American family in Pittsburgh while discovering what we have in common!

    ​Our work builds stronger communities by:​​​
    • Unifying the Latin American community in Southwestern Pennsylvania in a manner that helps its members to preserve and promote their cultural values and Latino identity.

    • Helping Southwestern Pennsylvania to overcome cultural barriers by improving the communication and understanding between the Latin American community and other communities in the area.

  16. La Roche University Office of International Admissions

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    A private, Catholic, co-educational university north of Pittsburgh founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence, La Roche welcomes students of all religions, ethnic origins and talents.

    The international engagement of La Roche University is based on a mission statement that clearly articulates a strong global commitment and dedication to peace and justice. With these values at the core of who we are, we continue to seek and implement new and innovative strategies that are rooted in that mission.

    International Admissions

    International Outreach

    English As A Second Language


  17. Athena Study Abroad

    Athena Study Abroad

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    Athena Study Abroad puts a personalized and customized focus on study abroad. They are a boutique partner, helping students from the U.S. study abroad. Athena was created to work with and help universities achieve their goals across the spectrum of study abroad – from customized programming to short term offerings to semester and year long personalized immersive programs – they have worked diligently to answer the needs of their partners. With over 50 years experience in international education, their US team (as well as their overseas team) support and guide their partners through all the stages of the process. They know that each university has unique needs and they aim to determine which Athena programs are the best fit for each institution’s student body.

  18. Womens Center and Shelter Logo

    Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

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    Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh is a safe harbor that provides specialized care and support for women who have experienced all types of intimate partner violence, from physical to emotional, through our Emergency Shelter, Legal Advocacy, a 24-Hour Hotline (412-687-8005), Support Groups and more. Women’s Center & Shelter has been a trusted and respected resource in the Pittsburgh Community for more than 45 years, offering hope and healing to adult and child survivors who have suffered from the devastating effects of domestic abuse. The WC&S RIL Team specifically serves Refugees, Immigrants, Limited-English Speakers, providing all WC&S services in a culturally informed and humble manner, both on-site and in the community, and offering training, education, and support to professionals working with refugees, immigrants, and limited-English speakers. Whether someone is just discovering they may be in an abusive relationship, or find they need to flee for their life, or are anywhere in between, WC&S can help them on their healing journey.

  19. Repair the World

    Repair the World Pittsburgh

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    Repair the World works to inspire American Jews and their communities to give their time and effort to serve those in need. We aim to make service a defining part of American Jewish life.

    Our work focuses on mobilizing Jews of all ages and backgrounds to serve with integrity and authenticity, ensuring that we leave the world a better place. We work with existing and emerging organizations — Jewish and secular — and with American Jews — engaged in the community and not — to develop high-quality service opportunities and build an inspired Jewish community engaged in service.

    We’re focused not just on bringing more people into service, but also on making the service more meaningful with long-lasting results. By providing more — and better — opportunities to serve, we aim to unite American Jews in this shared value.

  20. Library Welcome Center at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

    Library Welcome Center at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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    Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh continues its long tradition of welcoming immigrants, visitors, and newcomers to Pittsburgh. Library staff listen to your needs and connect you to language learning, citizenship resources and more. At the Library, you can make new friends, practice English, borrow books and DVDs, use the internet, start a business, and find a job. Your privacy is important; the Library does not share your borrowing history or personal information with anyone.

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