International Free Expression Project

You load sixteen tons, what do you get?Another day older and deeper in debt. IFEP: We load ninety-one tons, what do we get? Another huge bill, but we have no regrets. The project has purchased, moved and stored about 90 tons of historic newspaper presses and artifacts that were scrapped as the former Post-Gazette building at the Point was vacated. The plan is to rebuild a 40-foot press in the building's vast pressroom as part of a "Marketplace of Ideas," and distribute parts and artifacts to artists for reimagining.

The International Free Expression Project is dedicated to building mass support around the world for free-expression rights but also seeks to attract international attention to Pittsburgh as a world-class center of creativity and innovation. The organization is forming alliances locally, nationally and internationally to:

1) Build in Pittsburgh the world’s first iconic work of public art dedicated to free expression;
2) Build in the blocklong pressroom of the vacant Post-Gazette building at the Point a “Marketplace of Ideas” full of food and drink and art and innovation — an explosion of expression;
3) Invent immersive educational tools and activities that drive home the importance of free expression; and
4) Commission artworks and other creative endeavors.