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Global Learning from Grade School to Graduate School

An education without a global perspective is an incomplete education. Global learning, whether it occurs in local communities or abroad, provides an array of skills and experiences that follow students throughout their civic and professional lives, according to a 2017 study conducted by the Institute of International Education.

In Pittsburgh, racial disparity in the quality of public education is significant, according to a 2015 study of Pittsburgh public schools

Broader access to education irrespective of gender, location, ethnicity, or level of income, is not just a moral imperative, but, according to the Quarterly Journal of Economics, is most likely to increase innovation and economic growth.

Global Learning Coalition

The Global Learning Coalition is a network of educators, non-profits, and government agencies that seeks to ensure that all members of the Pittsburgh community have access to global and community learning activities. The coalition meets on a monthly basis. Want to get involved? E-mail

Global Learning Full Coalition Meeting

Working together to ensure equity in access to global learning opportunities. Join us!

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Global Education At Home

Educators and advocates in the Pittsburgh region are working to improve how students learn about the world. In the K-12 system, schools are expanding and updating the global studies curriculum. Outside of schools, experiential learning programs are engaging young people in global issues affecting their community.

Pennsylvania Council for International Education
Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE)

PACIE is the leading authority and advocate for global education in Pennsylvania

City of Asylum
City of Asylum

Creating a thriving community for writers, readers, and neighbors

Global Minds
Global Minds

Changing young minds, changing the world

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Global Education Abroad

The number of U.S. students studying abroad has more than doubled since 2000. This dramatic growth is exciting, but how do we make sure that students make the most of their desire to see the world? Pittsburgh’s universities and global service learning organizations are leading a national movement to improve study abroad.

Amizade logo

Working to inspire empathy, catalyze social action, and link diverse communities through Fair Trade Learning.

Pitt University Center for International Studies (UCIS)

Connecting Pitt to the world and the world to Pitt

World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

Bringing the world to Pittsburgh for over 80 years

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