The Global Switchboard welcomes you to the Switchboard Hub!

The Global Switchboard is an organization committed to bridging local and global concerns in the Pittsburgh area. We focus on transforming the Pittsburgh region into a more globally engaged and equitable community, a place where all people value diversity, practice empathy, and work together to create a more just and peaceful world.

We employ four complementary stewardship approaches: (1) providing a physical home for our network through the Switchboard Space, (2) elevating membership visibility and story telling on the Switchboard Hub, (3) connecting and and activating the network through Programs and Partnerships, and (4) ensuring a means for accountability through our State of Global Engagement Project.

The Switchboard Hub is the online extension of our real-world community, and the basis for membership in our network. The Switchboard Hub includes a directory of globally-engaged organizations, people, and projects, a calendar of upcoming events, curated content on important issues and areas of impact, a story corner featuring blog posts, videos, and reports from the field, a curated list of opportunities to engage with Pittsburgh’s global engagement community, and a help desk to connect you with the information and resources you need.

All it takes to join our network is the creation of a profile on the Switchboard Hub and an affirmation that your work embodies our network values!


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As Pittsburgh’s global engagement community evolves, we hope the Switchboard Hub will play an important role in facilitating communication and collaboration among Pittsburgh’s global professionals, helping people find relevant services and resources, and showcasing our community’s work to the region and the world.

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