Founded in 1981, Pitt Study Abroad develops programs and facilitates educational experiences in over 75 countries. Students can study abroad during the summer term, fall semester, spring semester or during a full academic year. With more than 350 programs in 75 countries, Pitt Study Abroad has something for just about everyone.

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  1. Pitt Study Abroad

    Pitt Study Abroad

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    Founded in 1981, Pitt Study Abroad develops programs and facilitates educational experiences in over 75 countries. Students can study abroad during the summer term, fall semester, spring semester or during a full academic year. With more than 350 programs in 75 countries, Pitt Study Abroad has something for just about everyone.

  2. Chatham University Office of International Affairs

    Chatham University Office of International Affairs

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    As the center for Chatham University’s international activities, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) provides learning opportunities and services that foster cross-cultural awareness, facilitate intercultural communications, and enhance knowledge of world cultures and societies for all students at Chatham. The OIA oversees Education Abroad, English Language Program, Global Focus, International Student and Scholar Services and Campus Internationalization.

  3. CISV Pittsburgh

    CISV Pittsburgh

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    CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. CISV’s domestic and international programs for youth ages 11 – 18 develop cross-cultural friendship and instill empathy and leadership skills kids take with them for life.

    CISV Pittsburgh was established in 1989, providing more than 750 children the opportunity to attend local, regional and international CISV programs. The Pittsburgh chapter is one of 21 chapters in CISV USA, joining 68 other countries to make up CISV International, founded in Ohio in 1950 as a charitable, independent, non-political, volunteer organization.

    Each year, CISV Pittsburgh sends children to programs in countries like Italy, Indonesia, Brazil and Canada as well as U.S cities like Detroit, Denver and Jacksonville. The chapter also hosts international programs in Pittsburgh for kids from around the world to experience the United States first hand. The local Junior Branch youth devote their time and energy in the Pittsburgh community working on issues of human rights, sustainability, diversity and conflict resolution.

    “CISV has made me aware of and mindful of the world around me. CISV has given me countless opportunities to change the world, and it continues to do so.” Charlie, age 18

  4. Pitt Global Studies Center

    Pitt Global Studies Center

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    The Global Studies Center is a dynamic and innovative program that is one of an elite group of seven global centers funded by the US department of Education. The center seeks to promote critical thinking and practical engagement with the world through the interdisciplinary study of transnational processes. The center emphasizes the connections, divisions, disruptions, inequalities, and productive possibilities these processes engender across time and space. The center fosters innovative research, rigorous study, and thoughtful practice through our collaborations with staff, students, faculty, and community partners locally and around the world, creating diverse and inclusive spaces for intellectual growth and debate.

  5. UCIS

    Pitt University Center for International Studies (UCIS)

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    The University Center for International Studies (UCIS) is a University-wide matrix organization that encompasses centers for area studies and centers on topical specializations in international studies. It coordinates international education curricula and provides support services such as the Study Abroad Office. It is now a large framework for the multidisciplinary work of the institution with a total of 16 component and affiliated units. Its mission is to integrate and reinforce all the strands of international scholarship in the University in research, teaching and public service.

    In order to play such an integrative role, UCIS does not compete with departments or schools. UCIS programs and centers therefore do not give degrees but award certificates of attainment to candidates for academic degrees in the University’s departments and schools. UCIS does not appoint its own faculty, but links faculty from departments and schools to their tasks in international scholarship. Thus, the multidisciplinary work in the UCIS Centers is firmly based on disciplinary competence while supporting bridges of scholarly cooperation for international knowledge.

  6. United Somali Bantu

    United Somali Bantu

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    United Somali Bantu  works to build community amidst the Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh through enabling individuals and families to successfully acclimate and transition to self-sufficient life in American society, particularly from a socio-economic and civic perspective, by both providing direct practical assistance and connecting people to other resources and opportunities.

  7. Union of African Communities

    Union of African Communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania (UAC)

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    The Union of African Communities in Southwestern PA (UAC) fosters unity, empowerment, linkages and improve the quality of life of Africans in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, through acting upon the needs, concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

    UAC is an umbrella Organization for all African Communities in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Our activities are exclusively not-for-profit making. The union is constituted by leadership/representatives from all African Countries/communities (Immigrants, Refugees, Students, and Internationals) represented and living in this region.

  8. Somali Bantu Community Association

    Somali Bantu Community Association

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    The Somali Bantu Community Association fosters the cultures & traditions of the Somali Bantu Community through educational projects, advocating on behalf of its community members, and providing technical assistance services.

  9. Latino Community Center

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    The Latino Community Center (LCC) works to engage, educate and empower LatinXs in Allegheny County to thrive, regardless of status.

    The LCC believes that in order to have a vibrant and diverse workforce, a healthy society, and a thriving community, it starts with ensuring our community feels safe, integrated, and welcomed in their neighborhoods. The Latino Community in Allegheny County has been relatively small, but growing. From the year 2000 to 2010 our community grew by 71% according to the US Census. Since 2010-2015 it continued to grow by 28.2%.

  10. Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

    Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

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    The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) serves as a resligious and a social center, regularly hosting Pitt interns, and offering a variety of programs for Muslim youth, refugees and the Muslim community in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. In addition to religious and social services (including a monthly food bank), ICP is involved with interfaith dialogue and advocacy through membership with many Pittsburgh faith-based organizations.

  11. Heinz College

    CMU Heinz College

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    The H. John Heinz III College of Information Systems and Public Policy (Heinz College) at Carnegie Mellon University is a private graduate college that consists of one of the nation’s top-ranked public policy schools. The college includes two schools:

    • The School of Information Systems & Management, which includes the Master of Information Systems Management, Master of Information Technology, Master of Science Information Security Policy and Management.
    • The School of Public Policy & Management, which includes the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management, the Master of Public Management, the Master of Science in Health Care Policy Management and the Master of Medical Management.
  12. Duquesne University Center for International Relations

    Duquesne Center for International Relations

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    The International Relations program at Duquesne is grounded in the commitment to promoting peace and justice in global society that is essential to the mission of Duquesne and its founders, the Spiritans.

    • The International Relations Major: The International Relations major educates students in the historical, political, and cultural forces that shape the interactions between states, international organizations, multi-national corporations, and other international actors.
    • Study Abroad: International Relations students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad during the course of their undergraduate studies.


  13. COESA Brazilian Association

    Coesa: Brazilian Association in Pittsburgh

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    Coesa is a non-profit organization helping Brazilians in Western Pennsylvania and promoting the Brazilian culture. Coesa has four main committees:

    • Social Committee: The objective of the Social committee is to promote events connected to the Brazilian culture, creating opportunities for Brazilians and any other person interested in the Brazilian culture to meet, thus creating links within the Brazilian community.
    • Health Committee: The objective of The Health committee is to provide guidance and orientation on aspects related to Health and Mental Health for the Brazilian Community to seek and to be connected to the services available for them as well as to offer assistance on Health and Mental Health Treatment when possible.
    • Communications Committee: The objective of this committee is to communicate information, services and events to the Brazilian community, their relatives and friends that are interested in the Brazilian culture and their relations. It is also responsible for making connections, developing partnerships and representing the Brazilian Association with other International and Brazilian organizations, companies and media channels.
    • Education Committee: The objective of the Educational Committee is to promote the dissemination and preservation of the Brazilian culture and language through educational activities. The development and formation of partnerships for the exchange of ideas and projects that will enrich its main educational objective.
  14. CMU Office of International Education

    CMU Office of International Education

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    The Office of International Education (OIE) is committed to supporting, promoting and celebrating individuals in an intercultural environment. We advocate for and facilitate international and cross-cultural experiences, perspectives and initiatives. OIE promotes and coordinates study abroad and acts as a liaison to the university for international students, researchers and professors.

  15. Vibrant Pittsburgh

    Vibrant Pittsburgh

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    With thousands of job and career opportunities available in the Pittsburgh region, many companies need help developing a diverse workforce. Through collaboration with and support of human resource departments, corporate recruiters, professional organizations and non-profits, Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to bringing the best talent on earth to our region.

  16. Ujamaa Collective

    Ujamaa Collective

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    Through placemaking, cooperative strategies, community and economic development, Ujamaa’s vision is to create sustainable neighborhoods and communities that are healthy and economically vibrant for people of African descent.

  17. Thread

    Thread International

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    Thread International takes trash from some of the poorest neighborhoods on the planet and transforms it into fabric. Thread sells that fabric along with a 100% transparent supply chain to anyone who wants to make more responsible dresses, tops, shoes, and bags. All Thread fabrics are made with post consumer recycled plastic bottles.

  18. Thomas Merton Center

    Thomas Merton Center

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    The Thomas Merton Center (TMC) engages people of diverse philosophies and faiths who find common ground in the nonviolent struggle to bring about a more peaceful and just world.

  19. Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition

    Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition

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    Established over 40 years ago to foster civic and social programs to improve the quality of life for all residents in the 14th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh. The organization strives to find creative and sustainable ways to preserve, improve, and enhance our beloved neighborhood. Be involved! We hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings or events.

  20. South Hills Interfaith Movement

    South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM)

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    Right now in the South Hills, hidden in plain sight among our community’s beauty, are people struggling with poverty, hunger, and building a better life for their families. Which is why the South Hills Interfaith Movement invites you to join us and help our neighbors in need. Currently, SHIM serving more than 4,000 of our neighbors. But there’s much more work to do.

    SHIM has been providing food, clothing and services to people in need in Pittsburgh’s southern suburban neighborhoods for more than fifty years. Faced with unprecedented new levels of suburban poverty, SHIM is expanding its work to include more neighbors helping more neighbors in need.

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