Breaking Fast with The Global Switchboard | Wed May 22, 2019

calendar link icon  Wed May 22, 2019 — Wed May 22, 2019
Start: 8:00 pm End: 9:30 pm


We invite you all to join us in learning about and celebrating Ramadan with The Global Switchboard community!

Join in a day of fasting on Wednesday, May 22nd, followed by a Maghreb/Sunset meal at 8:25pm where we will first break fast with a date and water before enjoying a delicious potluck meal.

You are welcome and encouraged to join us for the potluck meal and reflection at NAVUS House (even if you won’t be fasting for the day). The Switchboard will provide some food but we encourage everyone to bring something to share as well (please no alcohol or pork).

If you are unable to fast, we understand and encourage you to still join us in the evening!

For those choosing to fast on Wednesday, here are some tips and a schedule for your day:

  • Fasting Tips: Think of a bad habit you want to forego or a positive change you want to bring into your day, think of part of yourself you want to reassess or an intention you want to renew — this can be a time for you to strive towards one or all of the above.


  • While fasting (4:12am-8:25pm)
    • Abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, engaging in sexual behavior and sinful behavior (ex: backbiting, insulting, fighting, speaking/thinking ill of someone)
  • Maghreb/Sunset (8:25pm)
    • Join us for a potluck meal where we will first break fast with a date and water before enjoying some delicious food.


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