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Bringing Pennsylvania and Asia together

“Exploring the intersections between Pennsylvania and Asia”. This blog has been exploring some of the cultural, educational, and social links between Pennsylvania and Asia since 2011. That means news, events, movies, lectures, festivals, and random stuff, primarily as they happen in western Pennsylania. Frequent topics include:

  • Asian movies released in Pittsburgh, from brand-new Chinese films and Japanese anime releases to kung-fu and horror classics.
  • Lectures related to Asian studies, the social sciences, the humanities, cultural studies, and other academic topics at local universities and community centers.
  • Concerts from Asian, Asian-American, and Asian-inspired performers, from Korean rappers to Mongolian throat singers to Japanese punk bands
  • Restaurant openings (and, occasionally, closings).
  • Cultural and food festivals.
  • Postings for job openings in the Pittsburgh area that require bilingual or cross-cultural skills.