White Accomplice Training Series: What is a White Accomplice? | Fri July 3, 2020

calendar link icon  Fri July 3, 2020
Start: 7:00 pm End: 9:00 pm

ISO White Accomplices: The actions of an Accomplice are meant to directly challenge institutionalized racism, colonization, and White supremacy.

Last fall, many of you joined us for the first installment of the White Accomplice Series, where we learned valuable skills in having difficult conversations, how to not be problematic at a protest, Community Care, deep canvassing, fraternizing, utilizing social media for anti-racism and how to write letters to elected officials and local press.

********WEEK 2*********
To kick off this ongoing training series, we’ll discuss what it means to be a White Accomplice, the difference between an ally and accomplice and the practical ways we can do this work.
We’ll reflect on opportunities in our individual lives to start conversations with white people, push for change in the institutions we already exist in and advocate for People of Color in places where their voices are not being heard.

This week’s discussion will help ground us into future trainings. Facilitators, moderators and volunteers will be needed and we hope you’ll share ideas for what topics you’d like to learn more about.
Contact with thoughts, questions and accessibility support.

Becoming a white accomplice means you have already participated in anti-racism trainings, have practice checking your privilege and internalized biases, and are ready to address them in the people and institutions around you.

Please visit for further understanding of the difference between allies and accomplices.
Accomplices Not Allies is also worth reading.

Our friends at Whats Up?! Pittsburgh are also holding a training on Thursday, July 9 and we’ll share the link moving forward.

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