Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit 2020 | Fri January 24, 2020

calendar link icon  Fri January 24, 2020 — Sat January 25, 2020

The Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit is a two-part event. The Opening Ceremony is on Friday night at Union Project, and the Summit is a full day of workshops on Saturday.

The Summit workshops and panels will be held at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Doors open at 8:00 am and there will be a continental breakfast. The event begins at 9 am. Lunch is also provided.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Our theme this year is 1492-2020: Decolonize Our Histories to Reclaim Our Humanity. America’s wealth is built on stolen land, by the labor of stolen people. Our legacy is one of genocide, enslavement, oppression and intergenerational trauma.

The Summit’s goal is to underscore the necessity and importance of critically re-evaluating our respective histories, specifically colonization, how it has caused widespread dehumanization and exploitation throughout global and local history, and its link to modern racial justice issues. Workshops and panels will confront historical and modern racial issues, including social, economic, political, immigration, and environmental justice.

Registration proceeds are used to cover the cost of hosting the Summit and for the Jonny Gammage Scholarship Fund. We ask that those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less, creating a sustainable economic underpinning for the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for your commitment to justice.