Inspire Presented by Real/Time Interventions | Wed July 1, 2020

calendar link icon  Wed July 1, 2020
Start: 7:00 pm End: 8:30 pm

How does one artfully feed the spirit in times of uncertainty? How can connection with art and the spirit inspire our communities to take a healing moment together?

“Spir” is the root word in SPIRit, inSPIRation, reSPIRation (breath). INSPIRE will explore all of these in dialogue between Black spiritual leaders Michelle King (Buddhist) and Leeann Younger (Christian, Pastor of Cityview Church), facilitated by Kahmeela Adams, photographer, producer of Pittsburgh’s 48-Hour Film Project and founder of RuggedAngel Productions (home to four interview and pop-culture podcasts).

Join us as these leaders discuss works of art that inspire them in challenging times, exploring the link between the creative and the spiritual; and share creative/spiritual responses to struggle that are meaningful to them in this complex cultural moment. Together, Younger and King will also share a co-created “secular blessing” for the audience.

Real/Time Interventions is the creative partnership of playwright Molly Rice and director/producer Rusty Thelin. Real/Time Interventions creates theatrical events and public experiences that depend upon the immediate nature of live and real-time art: events that come to life when people come together. We seek to generate human connection, curiosity and wonder with our work, and to help audiences re-see their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. R/TI creates narrative art in rich conversation with a broad range of collaborators, from theater artists to scientists to rock bands to social workers to our neighbors down the street. We seek to create small, vibrant “companies” with every new project, peopled by individuals from diverse walks of life and realms of experience who are bound by the creative impulse driving each piece, or their stake in the story we are telling together.


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