Exiled Home: Salvadoran Transnational Youth in the Aftermath of Violence | Thu February 15, 2018

Exiled Home Event
calendar link icon  Thu February 15, 2018
Start: 4:30 pm End: 6:00 pm

602 Cathedral of Learning

A lecture detailing the temporal, spatial and biographical disjunctures of young Salvadoran-Americans

Drawing on interviews with one-and-a-half and second generation Salvadoran immigrant youth, Exiled Home details the temporal, spatial, and biographical disjunctures that the Salvadoran civil war and emigration to the United States caused in these young people’s lives, as well as the strategies through which youth have sought to overcome such ruptures.

The Global Studies Center’s support of the Faculty Development Seminar, “Humanizing the Global, Globalizing the Human,” now in its third year, in partnership with Pitt’s Year of the Humanities initiative, will continue, with three more events scheduled through the spring. The popular and provocative lecture series which began in the fall examines the global and humanistic themes of Migration.


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