Creating Confluence: Therapists Workshop | Fri April 13, 2018

Creating Confluence Workshop
calendar link icon  Fri April 13, 2018 — Sat April 14, 2018
Start: 9:30 am

Cathedral of Learning

Creating Confluence is a 2-day workshop focusing on Inclusive Leadership + Equity Education

Inclusant has developed the Creating Confluence training in order to provide leaders with the tools they need to facilitate meaningful and inclusive dialogue, incorporate equity at all points of activity, and understand the impact of institutional and individual biases in order to counteract them.

Inclusant is partnering with therapists to develop this Creating Confluence specifically for therapists, counselors, and mental health workers. Part of the role of a therapist is to be constantly examining oneself so that we can be aware of what we are bringing into the room and how it will intersect with or impact a client. A huge piece of this centers around issues of identity, oppression, and justice. 



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