Book Salon: Race & American Progress | Tue April 10, 2018

Liberty and Refuge
calendar link icon  Tue April 10, 2018
Start: 4:30 pm End: 7:00 pm

Rachel Mellon Walton Room, Posner Hall

Tune in to a continuation of CMU's English Dept. Ideas with A Spine

Who gets classified as “white”? What does progress for racial equality really look like? In two new books that examine periods of American history in which ideas about race shifted dramatically, authors Doug Coulson (Race, Nation, and Refuge, SUNY Press) and Gregory Laski (Untimely Democracy, Oxford Press) tackle these thorny, vital questions.

Coulson and Laski will join together in a conversation, moderated by Andreea Ritivoi and Kathy M. Newman, to discuss race and American democracy.

Reception to follow.


CMU English Department

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