“A Thousand Petty Fortresses”: Administrative Burden in U.S. Immigration Policies and its Consequences | Fri February 23, 2018

Carolyn Heinrich Lecture
calendar link icon  Fri February 23, 2018
Start: 10:00 am End: 11:30 am

Wesley Posvar Hall, Room 3911

Listen to Dr. Carolyn Heinrich discuss the contradictory elements in U.S. immigration policy

Dr. Heinrich will discuss the contradictory elements in U.S. immigration policy, which reflect a long-time struggle between inclusionary and exclusionary views. These have resulted in federal legislation filled with compromises and trade-offs that, at state and sub-state levels, play out in unclear interpretations and uneven, highly discretionary administration and enforcement of immigration law and policy. This lecture points to serious, adverse consequences of state and sub-state immigration policies that create administrative burden and perpetuate racial discrimination, while simultaneously diminishing the transparency, fairness and effectiveness of public administration.

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