Leaders in Two Global Engagement Focus Areas to Continue Cross-Sector Collaborative Efforts with The Global Switchboard

The Global Switchboard’s mandate is stronger than ever: to leverage our coworking space, our digital hub, and the network of connections we’ve built, in order to convene people for purpose and impact. By activating our network and catalyzing collective action, we can amplify our voices to find inclusive solutions to critical issues.

We’re Underway!

This month The Global Switchboard kicked off a convening series with leaders within two global engagement focus areas — (1) global education and (2) immigrant and refugee inclusion — to help us understand the challenges in these focus areas that are going unaddressed and require cross-sector, collaborative solutions.

We’re calling these leaders back together for a 2nd meeting, and keeping the invitation open to other individuals who feel that they belong at the table. Save the date for the next set of meetings in this convening series, held at The Global Switchboard:

What’s the goal of 2nd round of meetings?

​The Global Switchboard will begin these sessions by sharing our takeaways from our first meetings, and how we have used the information gathered to clarify our model and our role as convener. We’ll introduce the value propositions that will guide The Global Switchboard’s ongoing involvement in these two focus areas. After we present our model we’ll revisit the themes and issues from our first meeting to finish laying the groundwork for teams to shape action-oriented and collaborative approaches to overcoming our collective challenges.

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