Laurel Murray is currently working towards a dual B.S.B.A degrees in Accounting and Finance, along with a minor in Data Analytics. She spent her summer 2017 working as an intern in Berlin, Germany for a start-up business intelligence and acceleration company, and also traveled to various countries during her summer abroad. She is looking forward […]

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    Laurel S. Murray

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    Laurel Murray is currently working towards a dual B.S.B.A degrees in Accounting and Finance, along with a minor in Data Analytics. She spent her summer 2017 working as an intern in Berlin, Germany for a start-up business intelligence and acceleration company, and also traveled to various countries during her summer abroad. She is looking forward to studying in London for her Spring 2018 semester, as well as backpacking Southeast Asia upon completion of her semester in London.

    Laurel’s passion is economic development and giving back to her community, which she feels accounting and finance will enable her to pursue in her future. Upon graduation in May 2019, she hopes pass her CPA and enter into an economic development project in the Peace Corps and pursue a master’s degree in Urban and Economic Development.

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    Kelly Mack

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    Kelly is the Coordinator of International Admissions and Student Services at Saint Francis University. She serves as a DSO for the university and was also a high school guidance counselor in the past. Kelly enjoys working with students from all over the world to help them reach their goals and to teach Americans about the different cultures of the world.

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    Matt Lamberti

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    Matt Lamberti is an immigration attorney defending the rights of asylum seekers, DHS detainees, U.S. citizen family members, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and low-income workers since 2009. Matthew has been at Justice at Work (formerly Friends of Farmworkers) in Pittsburgh since September, 2106, following work with CUNY Law’s Immigrant & Refugee Rights Clinic, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Indiana Legal Services, and the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center.

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    anupama (anu) jain

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    anupama (anu) jain, PhD, is Principal Consultant for Inclusant diversity and inclusion consulting and the inaugural Executive Director for the Gender Equity Commission of the City of Pittsburgh. She spent more than a decade in higher education conducting original research, teaching varied topics, and supporting diversity initiatives. More recently, anu has focused on collaborative community organizing and public humanities initiatives in Pittsburgh, partnering with diverse local groups and designing original programming. All her work is informed by a passionate commitment to understanding structural barriers to equity, facilitating community partnerships, encouraging experiential learning, and practicing inclusion as an ongoing ethical project.

  5. Switchboard Stories

    Switchboard Stories

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    The Switchboard Stories project is a series produced by Amizade that profiles members of the Global Switchboard and other organizations and initiatives from across the global engagement landscape.

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    Maria Taylor

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    Maria Taylor is a senior at Chatham University studying International Studies and Women and Gender Studies as a double major. She has worked to graduate a year early, and currently serves as President of the graduating class. Following her formal education, she is interested in continuing to grow by working at an non-profit or NGO that focuses on gendered issues and educational access.

  7. Immigrant Services and Connections

    Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC)

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    Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC) supports and assists service providers working with immigrants and refugees in Allegheny County. ISAC also offers several different training courses in cultural competency, immigrants/refugees in our region, refugee resettlement basics, language access and working with limited English speakers.

    ISAC is a six-agency partnership headed by Jewish Family & Community Services, and all agencies are experts in serving the growing immigrant community. Partners include Casa San Jose, a program of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council (GPLC), Latino Family Center of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Northern Area Multi-Service Center (NAMSC), and South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM).

    ISAC is funded by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.

  8. Global Minds

    Global Minds

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    Global Minds Initiative is a for-youth, by-youth organization created to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination through an after school tutoring program between English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and Native English Speaking (NES) students.

    Global Minds serves as an educational support system for ESL students, while educating NES students about other cultures, in order to create more globally minded young leaders.

  9. Children of Shangri Lost

    Children of Shangri Lost

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    The Bhutanese community in Pittsburgh is a growing and vibrant community that is part of the overall Bhutanese refugees resettled in the U.S since 2008.

    Children of Shangri Lost are a group of Bhutanese youth in Pittsburgh who want to show the world that despite being displaced and sometimes forgotten, they have not forgotten who they are and what they have to offer the world. Our story is one of survival and of hope. We may be the Children of Shangri-Lost, but we have found ourselves in our new homes around the world.

    Their mission is to raise awareness and to educate people about the history and challenges faced by the refugee and immigrants population through short films and blog posts.


  10. Latino Family Center

    AIU Latino Family Center

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    El Centro Latino Familiar ayuda a familias Latinas con recursos y apoyo necesarios para criar hijos saludables y felices. Nuestros servicios intensivos se enfocan en ayudar a familias con niños entre las edades 0-5 y provee educación para los padres, desarrollo para los niños, y planificación de objetivos en la casa de la familia y en el centro.

    The Latino Family Center provides Latino families with the resources and support they need to raise healthy and happy children. We focus on families with children ages 0-5 and provide parent education, child development, and goal planning in the family’s home and at the center.

    El Centro Latino es parte de la red de Apoyo de familias del condado de Allegheny. El Centro familiar esta diseñado para fortalecer familias con servicios y apoyo, evaluar y ayudar con el desarrollo de niños, y preparación para la escuela, animar el crecimiento de lideres de padres, y motivar a que las familias lleguen a un lugar económicamente estable.

    The Latino Family Center is part of the Allegheny County Family Support Network. The purpose of Family Support is designed to strengthen families with services and supports, assess and aid with child development and school readiness, provide outreach to families who would otherwise not participate, encourage parent leadership and involvement, and push for economic self sufficiency for families.

    Nuestros servicios incluyen, pero no se limitan a, servicios en casa enfocándose en el desarrollo de niños, apoyo para padres, apoyo prenatal, establecimiento de objetivos familiares, grupos de apoyo para padres, grupos para bebes y niños pequeños, noches de diversión para la familia y servicios de referencia medica, legal, y de salud mental. Con el crecimiento de nuestra comunidad Latina, esperamos que nuestros servicios crezcan también!

    Our services include, but are not limited to, in-home services focusing on child development, parenting support, prenatal support, family goal setting, literacy activities, parent support groups, infant and toddler groups, family fun nights, and referral services and assistance with medical, legal, and mental health services.

  11. United Somali Bantu

    United Somali Bantu

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    United Somali Bantu  works to build community amidst the Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh through enabling individuals and families to successfully acclimate and transition to self-sufficient life in American society, particularly from a socio-economic and civic perspective, by both providing direct practical assistance and connecting people to other resources and opportunities.

  12. Union of African Communities

    Union of African Communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania (UAC)

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    The Union of African Communities in Southwestern PA (UAC) fosters unity, empowerment, linkages and improve the quality of life of Africans in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, through acting upon the needs, concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

    UAC is an umbrella Organization for all African Communities in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Our activities are exclusively not-for-profit making. The union is constituted by leadership/representatives from all African Countries/communities (Immigrants, Refugees, Students, and Internationals) represented and living in this region.

  13. Somali Bantu Community Association

    Somali Bantu Community Association

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    The Somali Bantu Community Association fosters the cultures & traditions of the Somali Bantu Community through educational projects, advocating on behalf of its community members, and providing technical assistance services.

  14. Latino Community Center

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    The Latino Community Center (LCC) works to engage, educate and empower LatinXs in Allegheny County to thrive, regardless of status.

    The LCC believes that in order to have a vibrant and diverse workforce, a healthy society, and a thriving community, it starts with ensuring our community feels safe, integrated, and welcomed in their neighborhoods. The Latino Community in Allegheny County has been relatively small, but growing. From the year 2000 to 2010 our community grew by 71% according to the US Census. Since 2010-2015 it continued to grow by 28.2%.

  15. Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

    Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

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    The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) serves as a resligious and a social center, regularly hosting Pitt interns, and offering a variety of programs for Muslim youth, refugees and the Muslim community in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. In addition to religious and social services (including a monthly food bank), ICP is involved with interfaith dialogue and advocacy through membership with many Pittsburgh faith-based organizations.

  16. COESA Brazilian Association

    Coesa: Brazilian Association in Pittsburgh

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    Coesa is a non-profit organization helping Brazilians in Western Pennsylvania and promoting the Brazilian culture. Coesa has four main committees:

    • Social Committee: The objective of the Social committee is to promote events connected to the Brazilian culture, creating opportunities for Brazilians and any other person interested in the Brazilian culture to meet, thus creating links within the Brazilian community.
    • Health Committee: The objective of The Health committee is to provide guidance and orientation on aspects related to Health and Mental Health for the Brazilian Community to seek and to be connected to the services available for them as well as to offer assistance on Health and Mental Health Treatment when possible.
    • Communications Committee: The objective of this committee is to communicate information, services and events to the Brazilian community, their relatives and friends that are interested in the Brazilian culture and their relations. It is also responsible for making connections, developing partnerships and representing the Brazilian Association with other International and Brazilian organizations, companies and media channels.
    • Education Committee: The objective of the Educational Committee is to promote the dissemination and preservation of the Brazilian culture and language through educational activities. The development and formation of partnerships for the exchange of ideas and projects that will enrich its main educational objective.
  17. Thomas Merton Center

    Thomas Merton Center

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    The Thomas Merton Center (TMC) engages people of diverse philosophies and faiths who find common ground in the nonviolent struggle to bring about a more peaceful and just world.

  18. Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition

    Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition

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    Established over 40 years ago to foster civic and social programs to improve the quality of life for all residents in the 14th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh. The organization strives to find creative and sustainable ways to preserve, improve, and enhance our beloved neighborhood. Be involved! We hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings or events.

  19. South Hills Interfaith Movement

    South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM)

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    Right now in the South Hills, hidden in plain sight among our community’s beauty, are people struggling with poverty, hunger, and building a better life for their families. Which is why the South Hills Interfaith Movement invites you to join us and help our neighbors in need. Currently, SHIM serving more than 4,000 of our neighbors. But there’s much more work to do.

    SHIM has been providing food, clothing and services to people in need in Pittsburgh’s southern suburban neighborhoods for more than fifty years. Faced with unprecedented new levels of suburban poverty, SHIM is expanding its work to include more neighbors helping more neighbors in need.

  20. Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania

    Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP)

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    The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP) is a 501 (c)3 association of individuals, corporations, and organizations in the state of Pennsylvania and its surrounding regions that was established in 1986. Its purpose is to promote understanding and enlightened relations between the United States and Japan.

    The Society provides informative and innovative programming in order to encourage a better understanding of the business, cultural, social, educational, and political practices and customs of Japan and the United States.

    JASP members gain access to business, educational, cultural, and social programs focusing on U.S.- Japan relations, which also provide opportunities for developing personal relationships with members of both the Japanese and American communities. Membership is extended to individuals, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

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