Notes from July 2020 BurghMeetsWorld Event: How do we center equity in global learning?

The Global Switchboard held a BurghMeetsWorld event on July 28th, 2020. At this virtual edition of the BurghMeetsWorld event, we explored together the question “How do we center equity in global learning?”

We connected to people through conversation-based breakout rooms and shared our experiences with global learning. Then, community and youth leaders had a fishbowl discussion to share their insights on what global learning entails from talking to a neighbor to travelling to a different country, and how the current challenges, like COVID-19 can be used as an opportunity to break down geographical barriers in making global learning more equitable and accessible. Together we identified the actions we can take to center equity in global learning. 

Together we decide how Pittsburgh meets the world. 

Our partners for this event included:

    • Bibi Al-Ebrahim, Amizade
    • Ivonne Smith-Tapia, World Affairs Council
    • Sister IAsia, PPS Office of Equity
    • Luke Chinman, Global Minds Initiative
    • Abigail Segel, Global Minds Initiative
    • Divyansh Kaushik, CMU Graduate Student Association

Read the full notes here.


The Global Switchboard

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Ivonne Smith-Tapia

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