Notes from January 2020 BurghMeetsWorld Event: What does it mean to be home?

The Global Switchboard and partners held the first BurghMeetsWorld of 2020 on January 28th at the Union Project! BurghMeetsWorld is a series of public events that explores the intersections between global concerns and local issues. This January we asked, “What does it mean to be home?”

Through guided activities and interactive dialogue with community leaders, we learned about Pittsburgh’s current housing reality, and challenged ourselves to go beyond meeting the immediate needs of shelter and ensuring safe and affordable housing by creating a sense of home, belonging, and community for everyone. Together we explored how these conversations connect to broader global discussions around home, from the experiences of newcomer communities, to housing as a human right, and the implementation of the UNSDGs.

Together we decide how Pittsburgh meets the world.

Our partners for this event included:
– Global Shapers
– Light of Life Rescue Mission, Jerrel T. Gilliam
– NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, Beci Russel
– PGHRights / Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance, Jackie Smith
– Somali Bantu Community Association of Pittsburgh, Aweys Mwaliya
– PHDC Business Incubator, Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation, Guillermo Velazquez and Maria Nuñez
– Jewish Family and Community Services of Pittsburgh, Abby Jo Krobot

Read the full notes here.


The Global Switchboard

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