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Educators and advocates in the Pittsburgh region are working to improve how students learn about the world. In the K-12 system, schools are expanding and updating the global studies curriculum. Outside of schools, experiential learning programs are engaging young people in global issues affecting their community.

People to Know

photo of Rick Moslen
Rick Moslen

Educator, traveler, musician

Brandon Blache Cohen
Brandon Blache-Cohen

Social entrepreneur, service learning advocate, world traveler

Belkys Torres
Belkys Torres

Global learning guru and world traveler

Ways to Get Involved

UCIS Workshop
Best Practices Showcasing Globalization Across the Curriculum

Join UCIS for a one-day workshop on internationalizing higher education curriculum


Make a difference in the lives of a Bolivian community

Model UN
Duquesne Model UN

Discuss and debate international issues, politics, topics, and events

International Week
International Week

Preparing students to become global citizens

Pitt Model UN
Pitt Model UN

Debate today's most relevant issues of international diplomacy

The Hill District Global Engagement Project
The Hill District Global Engagement Project

Engage under-served teenagers in international and reflective global experiences

Program & Resource Providers

Amizade logo

Working to inspire empathy, catalyze social action, and link diverse communities through Fair Trade Learning.

City of Asylum
City of Asylum

Creating a thriving community for writers, readers, and neighbors

Classrooms Without Border
Classrooms Without Borders

A premier provider of experiential professional development for teachers through study seminars that take place outside of the classroom

Duolingo logo

Free language education for the world

Global Minds
Global Minds

Changing young minds, changing the world

Pillar Institutions

CMU Office of International Education
CMU Office of International Education

Study abroad, foreign student support, intercultural exchange resources

Duquesne University Center for International Relations
Duquesne Center for International Relations

Educating students in historical, political, and cultural forces shaping the world

Global Pittsburgh

Connecting bridge between Pittsburgh's global community and the world

Pennsylvania Council for International Education
Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE)

PACIE is the leading authority and advocate for global education in Pennsylvania

Pitt Global Studies Center
Pitt Global Studies Center

Exploring critical world issues

Pitt University Center for International Studies (UCIS)

Connecting Pitt to the world and the world to Pitt