Elisabeth is well versed in answering why she loves Pittsburgh. That is because as a SoCal native, it’s the first question always asked of her when meeting someone new: “Why are you here??” She holds an MA from George Washington University and a BA from University of California, Riverside in English Literature with a specialization […]

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  1. Elisabeth Udyawar

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    Elisabeth is well versed in answering why she loves Pittsburgh. That is because as a SoCal native, it’s the first question always asked of her when meeting someone new: “Why are you here??” She holds an MA from George Washington University and a BA from University of California, Riverside in English Literature with a specialization in Postcolonial Literature from South Asia. After graduating from GWU, she moved to Pittsburgh due to two important factors: 1) its high volume of universities and nonprofits per capita and 2) it was where her heart already resided with her husband.

    Her six plus years of residence in Pittsburgh has been spent working for Carnegie Mellon University in various roles in the College of Engineering. Throughout her tenure at CMU, she has focused on aiding professors with administrative support for their innovative research in climate and manufacturing at both the local and global levels. Her professional skills include: project management, grants administration, event planning, Oracle systems, MailChimp, and html coding. In 2018, she also took the opportunity to use her academic training to begin teaching Comp 101 at Allegheny Community College and has specifically designed her syllabi to focus on women authors with 70% of her works represented by minority authors as well. In her creative pursuits, Elisabeth has begun a series of personal essays related to her journey through sobriety and hopes to start a project highlighting the stories of women’s everyday #resistance through the ages.

    Through The Global Switchboard, Elisabeth hopes to find new volunteer opportunities and to connect others with her vast academic network.

  2. Surgicorps

    Surgicorps International

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    Surgicorps International is a non-profit organization located in Glenshaw, PA whose mission is to provide free surgical and medical services to people in need around the world. Surgicorps was founded in 1994 by Jack Demos, a plastic surgeon, and has traveled to 22 countries providing over 5,500 free surgeries. Teams are comprised of both medical and non-medical volunteers who pay 100% of their trip expenses.

    “Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”  ~Helen Keller


  3. Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education (CAFE)

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    Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization whose mission is to prevent youth delinquency and youth violence in Honduras through education and employment training.  Its goal is to provide scholarships to impoverished rural Honduran children so that they may receive education from 7th to 12th grade.  Currently, CAFE sponsors multiple students from the coffee farm areas of the mountain chain, El Merendon, Honduras, Central America. CAFE’s scholarship program has benefited dozens of children with education and has facilitated the high school graduation of these students. CAFE is supported by the sales of coffee produced in El Merendon communities and by private donations.

  4. Jennifer Novelli

    Jennifer Novelli

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    Jennifer is the Development Manager at Global Links, a Pittsburgh based medical relief and development organization, where she leads the fundraising and communication team. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of Building New Hope from January of 2015- 2019. In January 2019, Jennifer returned to Global Links where she had previously worked for ten years. Jennifer also previously worked in the field of international education for over six years at the University of Pittsburgh Study Abroad Office.

    Jennifer received her Master of Public and International Affairs in International Development with a focus in environmental sustainability in 2003 from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA).  

    She also holds a B.A. from Juniata College in Anthropology and International Studies. Jennifer received a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany in 1995/1996; and studied alongside German students at Phillips-Universität Marburg, Germany in 1993/1994 during her junior year.

  5. Latin American Cultural Union

    Latin American Cultural Union

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    Our Mission is to promote, preserve and enrich the Latin American culture, while unifying the Latino community and bridging with other communities within the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

    The Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit  organization dedicated to cultivating and preserving the culture and Latin American traditions in southwestern Pennsylvania.

    LACU is a PLATFORM for Latinos and members to engage in their visibility and promote the Latino cultures in the region.

    Come be part of the Latin American family in Pittsburgh while discovering what we have in common!

    ​Our work builds stronger communities by:​​​
    • Unifying the Latin American community in Southwestern Pennsylvania in a manner that helps its members to preserve and promote their cultural values and Latino identity.

    • Helping Southwestern Pennsylvania to overcome cultural barriers by improving the communication and understanding between the Latin American community and other communities in the area.

  6. La Roche University Office of International Admissions

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    A private, Catholic, co-educational university north of Pittsburgh founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence, La Roche welcomes students of all religions, ethnic origins and talents.

    The international engagement of La Roche University is based on a mission statement that clearly articulates a strong global commitment and dedication to peace and justice. With these values at the core of who we are, we continue to seek and implement new and innovative strategies that are rooted in that mission.

    International Admissions

    International Outreach

    English As A Second Language


  7. Athena Study Abroad

    Athena Study Abroad

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    Athena Study Abroad puts a personalized and customized focus on study abroad. They are a boutique partner, helping students from the U.S. study abroad. Athena was created to work with and help universities achieve their goals across the spectrum of study abroad – from customized programming to short term offerings to semester and year long personalized immersive programs – they have worked diligently to answer the needs of their partners. With over 50 years experience in international education, their US team (as well as their overseas team) support and guide their partners through all the stages of the process. They know that each university has unique needs and they aim to determine which Athena programs are the best fit for each institution’s student body.

  8. Emily Markham

    Emily Markham

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    Emily Markham works to facilitate great connections between American and International scholars as the Assistant Director of Global Engagement at La Roche University. She supports key initiatives including International Education Month, the annual Global Problems, Global Solutions Conference, and the Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training program.

    A native of Pittsburgh, Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in global policy studies from Chatham University, and a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Prior to joining the La Roche team, Emily worked with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh supporting the design and implementation of global education programs in the Pittsburgh community and secondary schools in the region.


  9. Robert Bryant

    Robert Michael Bryant

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    Robert Bryant makes every attempt to couple his passion for knowledge about the world with a commitment to service in his local community. He currently lives in East Liberty and is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). At GSPIA, Robert focuses on human security and Russian studies and he is actively engaged in several school organizations. He takes part in the Leadership Portfolio Program through the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership and this opportunity connected him to serve on the board of directors at The Global Switchboard. He has also conducted extensive research on global climate change, its impact on migration, and the potential for climate-induced conflict as a working group participant at the Ford Institute for Human Security. Additionally, Robert is a research assistant for the Leadership During Crisis Podcast, which is a joint-project from the Center for Disaster Management and the Hesselbein Leadership Forum. Outside of GSPIA, Robert serves as a recruiting associate intern with PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience).

    Originally from the Charlottesville region of Virginia, Robert received a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and French from James Madison University. After his undergraduate studies, Robert taught English for a year in Nantes, France. He then worked as a business analyst in Frederick, Maryland, where he supported procurement professionals at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and volunteered as an ESL instructor for local immigrants.

  10. Michael Goodhart, Head of Global Studies Center, photographed in Posvar Hall, February 8, 2017

    Michael Goodhart

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    Michael Goodhart is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh, and he holds secondary appointments in Philosophy and in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. He is Director of the Global Studies Center at Pitt and a University Honors College Faculty Fellow. His current research focuses on questions to do with global injustice, responsibility for injustice, and the ways political theorists think about these problems. He is also interested in the historical and conceptual relationship between human dignity and human rights and in the emerging human rights cities movement. His core intellectual interests are in the theory and practice of democracy and human rights in the context of globalization and in related questions concerning democratic governance and accountability at the international and transnational levels.

    Dr. Goodhart is author of Injustice: Political Theory for the Real World (Oxford, 2018), Democracy as Human Rights: Freedom and Equality in the Age of Globalization (Routledge, 2005), contributing editor of Human Rights: Politics and Practice (Oxford University Press, 2009, 2012, 2016), and contributing co-editor of Social Movements and World-System Transformation (Routledge 2017, forthcoming) and Human Rights in the 21st Century: Continuity and Change since 9/11 (Palgrave, 2011). He is also author of numerous articles and book chapters. Dr. Goodhart is an affiliate of the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut, a member of the Center for Ethics and Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, and sits on several editorial boards. In 2008-2009 he was an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research fellow and Guest Professor in the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. He is a member of the Board of Directors of The Global Switchboard.

  11. Library Welcome Center at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

    Library Welcome Center at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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    Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh continues its long tradition of welcoming immigrants, visitors, and newcomers to Pittsburgh. Library staff listen to your needs and connect you to language learning, citizenship resources and more. At the Library, you can make new friends, practice English, borrow books and DVDs, use the internet, start a business, and find a job. Your privacy is important; the Library does not share your borrowing history or personal information with anyone.

  12. Belkys Torres

    Belkys Torres

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    Belkys Torres is executive director of global engagement at the University of Pittsburgh’s University Center for International Studies. As a leading member of a team that works to achieve the University’s global ambitions, she is a primary liaison for administrators, faculty, and staff on international partnerships, education abroad programs, community engagement, international student services, and global operations support. Her responsibilities include: advancing and assessing global learning; improving processes and procedures related to international partnership agreements; and leading the implementation of key initiatives in Pitt’s strategic and global plans.

    Torres co-chaired the Year of Pitt Global committee (AY 2018-2019) and continues to serve Pitt’s Community Engagement Centers Advisory Council and executive board of the Hispanic/Latino Professional Association. She holds a PhD in English with a specialization in Latinx Cultural Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame and has years of experience coordinating academic initiatives at that institution and directing programs for the University of Miami.

  13. photo of Vanessa Griffith

    Vanessa Griffith

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    Vanessa Griffith joined Justice at Work (formerly Friends of Farmworkers) in September of 2017. She recently graduated cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, where she participated in the law school’s Immigration Law Clinic. Upon graduation from Pitt Law, Vanessa was awarded the Pro Bono Service Recognition Award and the School of Law Community Service Award. Prior to law school, Vanessa volunteered in Santa Marta, Colombia for a grassroots nonprofit, Fundación Mariposas Amarillas, where she worked for five months as their Social Projects Coordinator. Her work focused on providing health, educational, and recreational services to women and children in an isolated neighborhood in Santa Marta. Vanessa has a B.S. from SUNY College at Oneonta where she dual majored in Political Science and International Studies. In 2012 she spent a semester studying in Chile.

  14. photo of Laurel S. Murray

    Laurel S. Murray

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    Laurel Murray is currently working towards a dual B.S.B.A degrees in Accounting and Finance, along with a minor in Data Analytics. She spent her summer 2017 working as an intern in Berlin, Germany for a start-up business intelligence and acceleration company, and also traveled to various countries during her summer abroad. She is looking forward to studying in London for her Spring 2018 semester, as well as backpacking Southeast Asia upon completion of her semester in London.

    Laurel’s passion is economic development and giving back to her community, which she feels accounting and finance will enable her to pursue in her future. Upon graduation in May 2019, she hopes pass her CPA and enter into an economic development project in the Peace Corps and pursue a master’s degree in Urban and Economic Development.

  15. photo of Kelly Mack

    Kelly Mack

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    Kelly is the Coordinator of International Admissions and Student Services at Saint Francis University. She serves as a DSO for the university and was also a high school guidance counselor in the past. Kelly enjoys working with students from all over the world to help them reach their goals and to teach Americans about the different cultures of the world.

  16. photo of Lois Larson Johnson

    Lois Larson Johnson

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    Lois Johnson has designed and implemented educational programs for institutions of higher education, designed and developed two private schools, and spearheaded new initiatives for organizations. She is interested in and conducts research in international education and works to improve curriculum strategies for international education and faculty for international programs. Infusing curriculum with globalization and inspiring faculty and students to catch a global vision are her passions.

  17. photo of Matt Lamberti

    Matt Lamberti

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    Matt Lamberti is an immigration attorney defending the rights of asylum seekers, DHS detainees, U.S. citizen family members, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and low-income workers since 2009. Matthew has been at Justice at Work (formerly Friends of Farmworkers) in Pittsburgh since September, 2106, following work with CUNY Law’s Immigrant & Refugee Rights Clinic, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Indiana Legal Services, and the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center.

  18. photo of anupama jain

    anupama (anu) jain

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    anupama (anu) jain, PhD, is Principal Consultant for Inclusant diversity and inclusion consulting and the inaugural Executive Director for the Gender Equity Commission of the City of Pittsburgh. She spent more than a decade in higher education conducting original research, teaching varied topics, and supporting diversity initiatives. More recently, anu has focused on collaborative community organizing and public humanities initiatives in Pittsburgh, partnering with diverse local groups and designing original programming. All her work is informed by a passionate commitment to understanding structural barriers to equity, facilitating community partnerships, encouraging experiential learning, and practicing inclusion as an ongoing ethical project.

  19. photo of Daria M. Sullivan

    Daria M. Sullivan

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    Daria is a proud alumna of the Vira I. Heinz (VIH) Women in Global Leadership Program. As a recipient of the VIH scholarship, she traveled to Ghana, West Africa where she studied performance and the Ghanaian community/culture. To continue her work with VIH, she created a “Community Engagement Experience” with four other VIH awardees called “#StopTheShade: Exploring the Color Bias”. This event provided a platform for attendees to learn and discuss colorism through video clips and roundtable discussion. It was such a huge success, that the VIH organization asked Daria and her team members to recreate it.

    Daria is also a professional actor (Actors’ Equity Membership Candidate) with some voice and dance training. During her undergraduate career at the University of Pittsburgh (where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and Communication), she worked on nine diverse shows as a performer, stage manager, playwright, spotlight operator, props shop assistant, and dresser. She also worked on creating a play with a local playwright/actor while studying abroad in Ghana.

    Moving forward, she hopes to continue to develop her skills as a performer and to better herself as a global citizen by collaborating on more art projects around the world.

  20. Shannon Gazze

    Shannon Gazze

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    Shannon Gazze is a nonprofit leader seeking to contribute value to the local community and develop impact-driven programs and policies.

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